George Gordon's School of Law

This is the only authorized site for George Gordon's original school still at the farm in Isabella, Missouri since 1984, and still at the original phone number.


The Business Class is a one-week class devoted to those people who wish to work in their chosen vocation without being forced to obtain licenses and/or permits. This includes such people as doctors, chiropractors, and other health professionals, carpenters, masons, contractors, just to name a few. Anyone who is now in, or plans to be in, a profession where the generally accepted course of action is to first obtain a license, will be interested in and can profit from this class.

If you listen to the government, you have to have a license to do just about anything, from driving, to working, to marriage, etc. Now, you and I know that you can go out and build a house without getting a permit - the trick is to do it without getting thrown in jail or losing the house. That's what this class teaches. You see, the minute you get a license, you change your status. You've given up your right to do something in exchange for a government privilege. And privileges can be regulated or revoked - rights can't.

This class covers such things as what a license really is (i.e. permission to do something that is otherwise illegal, unlawful, a tort or a trespass), how the State gained control over you through that license, how you can abrogate that control and avoid being harassed, the difference between a public business and a private vocation, and a number of other, related items. This isn't a replacement for the Tax and Status class; it takes the specific issues faced by a professional who changes his status and supplements them. If you want to stay where you are, using government privileges at their whim, that's your decision. If you want to work as an individual, exercising your right to labor, this is for you.