George Gordon's School of Law

This is the only authorized site for George Gordon's original school still at the farm in Isabella, Missouri since 1984, and still at the original phone number.

What is George Gordon's School of Law?

George Gordons School of Law is a private, pre-arranged school located in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks. This school has a number of classes that are aimed at one or both of the two goals of the school: enabling someone to competently represent him/herself in the civil court system, and teaching individuals the theory and practice of the Mosaic Law found in the Scriptures. George had not sought, nor would he have accepted, government accreditation or funding for this school; in fact, he turned down offers of accreditation and a law degree so that he could  continue to teach things in his own fashion without government interference, as an individual.

George, oftimes called the Godfather of the Common Law by the media, taught people for over thirty-three years, thirty of them in Isabella, Missouri. He had literally thousands of people come to a town so small that it doesn't show up on many maps. And you ask, "Why?" The reason is that his students succeed. Of those who have gone through his classes, for example, only a few (less than twenty that we know of) have lost tax cases that they've been involved in, and those few either came to class after a grand jury had handed down an indictment and/or ignored what George taught them and hired a lawyer instead. This is an unprecedented record, especially when one considers that law is essentially a zero-sum game where you have to have a loser for every winner. And remember, prosecutors usually don't file charges until they're pretty sure they can win, so the percentage of cases, especially tax cases, won by the government is extremely high, over 90% in many courts. We admit that in most of these cases you can't find them by name or case number because we consider a win in tax court (for example) to consist of meeting 3 goals: (1) avoiding jail; (2) retaining use of your assets; and (3) solving the problem of harassment from then on through a change in status, not rebellion. Georges students are over 90% successful in attaining those three goals in tax cases. Not too bad when you consider that lawyers, either criminal or civil, lose about 94% of their cases. Even pro se litigants, on the average, don't do too much better, losing about 84% of their cases. But, a national legal publication noted that trained pro se litigants average a 90% win rate.

There are George Gordon wanna-bes out there, duplicating Georges material, but the classroom portion, i.e. the attention paid to each and every student, is missing from their attempts to copy George; often we find the entire point of doing something is missing, with people being told "Just do it, because that's what you have to do. You don't have to understand why." We've found that if you want to be successful, you do what successful people do and understand why they do it. If you want to be a winner like George, you have to do what he does, not just a little here and a little there. It may be hard, but it works. The wanna-be's tend to leave out both the explanations and the hard parts, either because they don't understand it or they've decided that it's more marketable if it's easier.

George Gordons School of Common Law offers a number of different classes, some brief descriptions of which follow. If you're interested in a specific class, you can find more information by going to the Class Descriptions section, and clicking on the one(s) you want.

Title 42 Class: a one-week class covering monetary compensation for redress of grievances committed by (un)civil servants.

Basic Courtroom Strategy & Procedure Class: a two-week class covering the step-by-step procedures followed in both civil and criminal courts, and both civil code pleading and common law pleas.

Status & Tax Class: a one-week class covering your legal status, how it affects you, and what you can do about it. This is not an 'untaxing' class and is not about breaking the law but, rather, about regaining your lost rights.

The Mosaic Law Class: a week-long class offered, covering all the Scriptural Laws - codified, arranged alphabetically, and printed in their entirety. This provides you with the material you need to go into court and argue any Scripturally-based stance using the Bible as a law book. There are approximately 360 pivotal Supreme Court cases dealing with religious free exercise.

Private Business | Professional Class: a one-week class for individuals who have left, or are leaving, the licenses, permits, and other connecting links to the government behind. This class teaches you to function in today's economic world successfully.

Subsistence & Survival Class: a one-week class covering basic survival skills like killing and butchering a cow, balancing amino acids in your storage program to get complete proteins, and how to package and store survival foods so you don't have fourteen opened buckets getting buggy. It also covers the 64 life threatening scenarios laid out in Scripture. Are you aware of what we're facing, how you can prepare for it, and survive it? It does no good to prepare for 63 scenarios and miss number 64.

How to Make $100,000 on 25 Acres or Less: a one-week class teaching our agricultural business based on Scriptural agricultural laws. We cover both the actual gardening business and how to succeed using Scriptural agricultural laws.

You must purchase the school, receiving all the supporting paperwork and audio before scheduling to attend the class. Most questions can and will be answered by telephone.