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Federal Standards for Jails and Prisons

This book, even thought the printing office acknowledges printing it, is unobtainable and has been since the 1980's.

For anyone who has been, will be, contemplates a "correctional" institute detention, visits someone "inside" or just got a traffic ticket, make them treat you according to federal standards. These standards apply to all city, county, federal and other facilities and cover all aspects of (under) feeding, crowding, contact with the jailers, filth, personal hygiene, facilitating religious beliefs and practices.

I wrote these violations in "administrative demands" format. They can also be written in jail, used as a Title 42 case another class covering (cash redress for grievances) to be filed in federal court or just used to put the county on notice that you know of their violations. Arrests drop precipitately when you use, "Federal Standards for Jails and Prisons". Only available thru our school. You can obtain this book for 1.50 U.S. Silver dollar.