George Gordon's School of Law

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Rights of Individuals

George wrote Rights of Individuals 4 years after he discovered we are governed and exist under 2 sets of laws; the Biblical Common Law and Roman Civil Law. It's up to us individually as an individual to decide which law we want to govern us. However, to make a wise decision, we must know what rights are available to us and the backing for the same.

You can go out into our north 40 and declare, "I'm an Eagle" and try to fly before you crash and burn. People all over are trying this and crashing except they're saying, "I am a free man". They have no knowledge of what the rights of an individual are, therefore cannot claim them in a timely correct fashion.

I've claimed my rights as an individual in all my court cases; I've never lost a case and I'd never write a case without this book and the Scriptures by my side.

This 126 page book, is not bound, is exceptionally well referenced, many pertinent Supreme Court decisions, bibliography, and a glossary. No way you can get lost or stumble in a presentation from Rights of Individuals.

This is George Gordon's most important, enduring work which is priceless. Prior to purchasing the Tax and Status class, you should read and contemplate the applicability of the Rights and Responsibility of an individual; you might not be able to carry the burden of freedom. If you obtain nothing else from us, this book at 2 U.S. silver dollars is a bargain.