George Gordon's School of Law

This is the only authorized site for George Gordon's original school still at the farm in Isabella, Missouri since 1984, and still at the original phone number.

Tax & Status

The Tax and Status class is a one week class devoted to discovering your legal status, and acting upon that knowledge. This includes learning the ramifications of various contracts you have signed, knowingly or unknowingly, what options you have if you desire to change your legal status, and how to go about doing so in a lawful and legal manner. People interested in merely 'untaxing' themselves so they have more money to spend on their summer vacation, or because they don't like how Washington is spending their tax dollars, shouldn't bother with this class. Rather, this is for those people who are sincerely interested in moving their life down the proverbial 'path less taken.'

The US government has provided for your tax relief pursuant to the Scriptures in all three governmental branches: executive branch by Pres. R. Reagan declaring the Scriptures to be the law of the land and stating we are to learn and apply Scriptural law to our daily lives in Public Law 97-280; judicial branch's Supreme Court decision in Segar vs. US, ruling on the superiority of an individual's truly and sincerely held religious beliefs and practices; and the constitution's free exercise of religion. However, in the constitution you also have the right to contract and we all have, in our ignorance, contracted away all our religious free exercise benefits. This is where this class comes in by teaching you how to regain your Scripturally guaranteed freedoms, including, but not limited to licenses and taxes. And you can save funeral expenses, plot fees, upkeep, etc. preserve your status as a freeman and bury the remains in an un-dedicated property-tax free cemetery, like Jacqueline buried Dirk & George.

Many students who have taken this class have removed themselves from the 'system.' Those who have done so, following the directions given, have been successful in so doing, with the consequent result that their dependence on, and interference by, the government is greatly reduced. This class does not teach not paying properly owed taxes (i.e. gasoline taxes due for your use of the highways), rather it teaches that someone should pay what taxes they do owe, and how status determines which taxes, and in what amount, are owed. You'd be surprised at how many people simply send in money to the government saying, "I earned so much this year, send me back any money left over after my taxes are paid." (What do you think refunds really are?) Wouldn't it be more prudent to sit down, figure out how much you earned and what your tax bill really was, based on your various legal statues (such as married or single, self-employed or employee, how many kids you have, renter or homeowner, etc.), and simply send in what money was due? Going one step further, what if you could change your status so you would owe less? Would you? For those who say that taking such action is either immoral or illegal, remember that every day people out there are doing so without a hue and cry being raised, or anyone calling them evil or opportunistic. And we're not talking about the Donald Trumps of the world, either. The single guy who moves to a different apartment because the school taxes are lower, the person who only does mail order business with out-of-state companies because there's no sales tax added, and the couple who's lived together for ten years but never gotten married because they get better tax exemptions by filing as two single people rather than a married couple, are but a few examples of people using or changing their legal status to change what taxes they owe. The Tax and Status class simply takes it a step further, showing how you can truly change your status, to the point of removing yourself from the 'system' if you so desire.