George Gordon's School of Law

This is the only authorized site for George Gordon's original school still at the farm in Isabella, Missouri since 1984, and still at the original phone number.

Title 42 | Civil Rights

This one week class is devoted to those people who have had some rather (un)civil servants walk all over their civil rights (or who simply want to be prepared for the possibility). And this doesn't mean the simple application of brute force; violation of civil rights can take many forms, and this class shows the hows, whats, and whys of civil rights violation suits.

Title 42, 1983 is the section of Federal law devoted to civil rights violations and their rectification. This is the most common means of gaining redress of grievances (both monetary and procedural change) in cases of civil rights violations, for US citizens and non-citizens alike.

George brought a number of these cases to trial, even settling one in gold. The mere filing of a Title 42 suit often brings about a very desirable result, i.e., most of the time (you still get some idiots who don't get the message). Whoever you filed against is very careful about what they say and do henceforth, generally at the 'strong suggestion' (read: order) of their insurance company. So, if you're being harassed, it's likely the harassment will cease.

These classes cover what Title 42, 1983 is, its applications, and whether or not you have a valid grievance under Title 42. You'll hear how other have had their rights violated and their solutions, how much various violations are worth in court, and even when to settle out of court. There are five rules that, if not followed, will cause the court to dismiss a case out of hand. You'll learn those five rules, how to overcome dismissal, and numerous other procedures.

If possible, take this class with a friend. While Title 42 suits brought by one person can be effective, multiple suits are more likely to produce swift and drastic action against a truly troublesome civil servant (thanks to your friendly insurance companies, who will refuse to insure such an obvious insurance risk). And don't even contemplate class-action suits; one dismissal and everyone loses. By filing individually, you can learn from the court's actions on preceding cases, correct your case, and win.